Monday, June 3, 2013

Jack Daniel's Half Whiskey Barrel Project: Planter Turned Patio Table

We are currently working on transforming our patio so we can start enjoying more time outside at home. I pushed back a few other projects to get this done because I didn't want to go another summer with a lone folding chair sitting on our sad little patio. The once blank concrete slab is finally coming to life and I cannot wait to share the finished project with you all. For now, I have a fun little project that I did recently. Here is your patio sneak peak, hope you enjoy!

We had the chairs, pillows and sofa...all that was missing was a cute little table. I wanted to make a table out of pallet wood, but we were short on space and I needed something smaller. I have to give my husband props on this one...he brought up the idea of using a barrel for the table! These barrels are typically meant to be used as planters, but I knew they would work perfectly as a small table. After he planted the idea in my head and I let it stew, I decided to run with it. I found Jack Daniels Half Whiskey Barrels at the hardware store, and they were perfect! They looked weathered and had nice charring on the inside, and they also still have the sweet smell of whiskey lingering on the wood. My husband thought that was a nice bonus. Although I loved it's look as-is, I needed it to fit in more with my color scheme of white, black, yellow and coral. I ended up sprucing it up with a good sanding, painting and staining. It only took me about 2 hours to do and it turned out great!

Here's the process from start to finish:

1. Using an electric sander, I smoothed the rough surfaces of the wood and knocked off some of the built up rust that was residing on the metal bands. It took some sweat and determination, but thankfully no blood or tears. There was no way all the rust was coming off completely, but the sanding made it nice and smooth so we wouldn't have anyone needing a tetanus shot if they scraped their leg on it, which is a plus.

2. I really loved that you could still see a faint marking from the distillery on the barrel, so I wanted to keep that part intact. After very lightly sanding the top, I decided to give it a natural stain and a few coats of poly to shine it up a bit. Here are the before pictures of the top...
(See the finished look at the end of this post)

3. Next it was time to tape it off. I wanted to keep the metal as-is and not paint over it, so I taped it all the way around before painting.  

4. Next it was time to paint. I bought a satin white spray paint that was paint and primer in one. Even with the paint and primer in one, it took two cans to cover it adequately. I made sure to cover the top since I was keeping it more or less in it's original state.

The finished product!!
Time commitment: 2 hours (including dry time)
Total cost: $50.28 + tax (barrel at $31.98, 2 cans of spray paint at $13.52 and Varathane natural stain at $4.78)

**FYI: The Home Depot I went to didn't have the barrels, but they are usually a few dollars cheaper than Lowe's. Also, I already had my other supplies at home from previous projects, i.e. polyurethane, painter's tape, sandpaper and a sander. To sand the rust off I used a 40 grit sandpaper and for the wood I used 150 grit. **

Check back soon for the finished patio! I still have quite a bit in store for this little escape :-).

Note: All photos in this post are mine and should not be used without my permission.

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